Is Tarte's Shape Tape Back In Stock? Click Like The Wind If You Want To Own It

Creamy, pigmented, and in 14 glorious shades, Tarte knocked it out of the park with their Shape Tape concealer. The only obstacle has been getting your hands on it — and it's a Mount Olympus-sized obstacle given how quickly it sells out. But ask, beg, Tweet and comment, and Tarte delivers. If you're on your last dregs and desperately searching "is Tarte's Shape Tape back in stock," well, click like the wind.

The concealer is back in action on Tarte's website, with a limit of two per customer (understandable, I guess). The Ulta Beauty restock of Shape Tape also came through on Friday, and there's no purchase limit over there. A double-edged sword — Fair and Mahogany have already sold out, so if you need a restock or want to dip your toe, move quickly.

If you haven't tried Shape Tape yet, it's a vegan, uber creamy formula that conceals as well as it contours, with a thick formula that doesn't fall into the typical heavy coverage hazards (a.k.a. giving you cakeface). It's one of those products that puts power in the hands of the beholder: either use it to spot conceal, put its jumbo doe-foot applicator to work as a foundation alternative, or go a few shades up or down to make good on the contouring claims.

It's not a foolproof ruler to measure a product by how quickly it sells out (limited production runs = the greatest trick of all) but in this case, Tarte's concealer lives up to the hype. Over on r/MakeupAddiction, there are tons of threads with people listing dupes for Shape Tape — the scarcity is real.

The dupe need is fully negated, at least for now. The sell-out rate is always hard to pin down, but this restock is coming on the heels of one just last week, so the people are snapping this baby up.

Adding another difficulty layer is the fact that these are exclusive to Tarte's website, Ulta, and QVC, so options are limited. Plus, QVC's Shape Tape stock only spans six colors, all of which are waitlisted. So if you want them, probably take the plunge on Tarte or Ulta's website while you can (ominous voice).

Images: TarteCosmetics/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics (1)