Diego Luna's Kids Are So Excited About 'Rogue One'

When you were a kid, how stoked would you have been if your parents were rebels in a galaxy far, far away? Probably as stoked as Diego Luna's kids are, because they are the biggest Star Wars fans — and, of course, fans of their dad. Luna, who stars as Captain Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, took his children to the premiere on the film, and his role in Rogue One has definitely made him the galaxy's favorite dad.

The 36-year-old talked to the hosts of Good Morning America about how his role in the Star Wars universe has earned him tons of brownie points with his son Jerónimo, 8, and daughter Luna, 6:

Those lucky little Lunas also got a chance to tour the Rogue One set, to, I'm sure, the envy of all their small friends. Luna said that when he took his kids to set, his son said, "This is paradise, finally. We're never going to go back home, right?" I like this kid, he's bold and he knows what he wants.

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They were also, of course, excited about the Star Wars swag. Star Wars has produced perhaps more swag than any other franchise, especially action figures. Luna talked to USA Today about "getting chills" when watching the OG trilogy with his kids, and being really excited to give them action figures — of himself! His son was happy to get a likeness of his dad as Cassian in action figure form, but his daughter was a little pickier at first. The 6-year-old chose a Jyn Erso figurine at first and said, "This is mine!" Luna continued of the story, “I was like, ‘You don’t want Daddy?’ ‘No, no, no. OK, yes, Dad, give it to me.’ And she put in the corner of her room and Jyn became her toy." (Side note: This is exactly why strong women in sci-fi films, especially Star Wars is crucial!)

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In a sit-down with the Nerdist, Luna talked about the magic moment when his son saw him on screen for the first time at a screening in Mexico. He took both his kids, but his daughter, adorably, fell asleep; she just couldn't stick it out until the 9:30 p.m. screening time. But his son? "He was so excited," Luna said. "When my character comes out, he was like, 'That's you!' and I said, 'Yeah, it is!'"

And his son even used his dad's role to do some flirting that could very much have jeopardized things. Luna talked to Yahoo! and said his son was talking to some girls at a beachside pool during filming, and Luna overhead him getting dangerously spoilery (back off now if you don't want a teeny, tiny spoiler): "And I go, ‘I’m just going to swim over because this sounds a little fishy. And I start swimming by and just listen [to him say], ‘Well, this film has no Jedis. It’s just rebels.’ And I go, ‘Oh my God.''" Luna of course told him that was a no no, but he also said he was a little bit proud. Because he's the coolest dad in the galaxy.