Michelle Obama's Conversation With Oprah Is The Hopeful Message You Need To Hear

More than half of America's voters were left disappointed by Donald Trump's victory on Nov. 8. With the future of progressive causes concerning women's reproductive rights, immigrants' rights, LGBTQ rights, climate change, and countless other issues now in jeopardy, a sense of despair has been pervasive throughout the country. But Michelle Obama has reiterated the necessity of hope during a new interview with Oprah, and everyone questioning if there's any point in continuing to fight for a progressive future should listen to her message.

When asked if she believes her husband's administration succeeded in fostering a sense of hope in the American people, the first lady had this to say:

Yes, I do. Because we feel the difference now. See, now, we’re feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. Hope is necessary. It's a necessary concept. And Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. I mean, he and I and so many believe that if you — what else do you have if you don’t have hope? What do you give your kids if you can’t give them hope?

Our children respond to crises the way they see us respond. You know, it’s like the toddler that bumps his head on the table, and they look up at you to figure out whether it hurts, and if you’re like, 'Oh, my God,' they’re crying, but if you're like, 'You know what? Babe, it’s OK, it’s OK.'

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Michelle went on to say:

While having high hopes can make reality more devastating if things don't go the way one expects — as Clinton's supporters know all too well — believing that there's no purpose in working toward change is the biggest threat to progress. When people lose hope, they give up, and when they give up, they don't bother to fight for what they believe in.

One important thing to remember is that, while it's overwhelmingly disappointing for Democrats that nearly half of the United States agreed with Trump's rhetoric, the fact is, most people did not.

So, basically, you should listen to Michelle.