Why Blac Chyna Might've Left Rob

On Saturday, a swirl of Snapchat and Instagram posts appeared to unearth major issues between Rob Kardashian and fiancée Blac Chyna. Videos Kardashian took of the couple's apartment allegedly show that Chyna took their newborn daughter Dream and left him, but if it's true, why did Chyna leave Rob? Well, it's a complicated situation. (Bustle has reached out to both Chyna and Kardashian's reps for comment and hasn't heard back at this time).

First, here's what seems to have happened. On Saturday, someone posing as Chyna hacked her account, posting since-deleted screenshots allegedly taken from Chyna's phone. The messages appear to show Chyna allegedly mocking Kardashian and flirting with other men, including Jaden Smith and Young Thug. Later, on his Snapchat and Instagram accounts, Kardashian posted videos of their empty apartment, from which Chyna had allegedly fled with baby Dream. He also gave legitimacy to her hack by expressing his disappointment with Chyna's reportedly leaked messages, accusing her of never having loved him. Chyna, seemingly posting from a new Instagram account, rebuked the claims, allegedly saying that Kardashian knew where they had gone and was acting out because of insecurity and instability.

It's all very confusing, and a lot of mysteries remain unsolved, especially considering that it's a he said/she said situation. Who hacked Chyna? Are the leaks even real? Why is Kardashian posting memes about his fiancée leaving him? Yet while it's impossible at this point to figure out what exactly happened between the two for sure, things don't look good for the new parents.

Those who watched the couple's whirlwind relationship on Rob and Chyna, the E! reality show about the couple, won't necessarily be surprised to see the relationship falling apart in this dramatic fashion. While Chyna's hacker claimed that some of the "leaked" texts about Kardashian were evidence that she never loved him, Chyna's alleged description of Kardashian as "fat" and "insecure" isn't too far from some of the things that the Rob and Chyna stars have said to each other's faces on the show, unfortunately.

For those who didn't watch Rob and Chyna, or haven't been consuming every new morsel of Kardashian news, Chyna and Kardashian started dating around early 2016. Their relationship followed Kardashian's long disappearance from the public eye during his struggle with his weight and insecurities. Much of the show depicted Chyna's attempts to help Kardashian with his health and self-esteem. These efforts weren't always successful; the couple seemed to have some major communication issues, dealing with minor spats by getting in screaming fights and then not speaking to each other for days.

And now, Chyna's alleged Instagram post claims that Kardashian was verbally abusive. It's unclear what, exactly, the truth is here, but things certainly don't look good for the pair's relationship.