'Community' Goes G.I. Jeff, But What Would Other Character's Mental Breakdowns Look Like?

This week on Community: another animated mental breakdown. First, we had "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" in claymation, now we have Jeff's uncontrollable 40th birthday as a G.I. Joe cartoon. That's right, Jeff knocks himself out with a fifth of scotch and some youth pills and becomes G.I. Jeff, and then uses the animated world to work out his insecurities about getting older.

This whole "animated mental breakdown" thing seems like it might become another running theme with Community. So, since most of these characters are constantly on the verge of their own mental breakdowns, what would they look like in the world of animation?

Britta - Captain Planet

An overly preachy show that hammers the message of environmentalism? That's pretty much Britta's G.I. Joe. Plus, the superheroes are completely nonsensical — there's even one called "Heart," which, what kind of superpower is that, even? This show is so Britta, it even Britta'd superheroes.

Annie - The Powerpuff Girls

Girly and sweet yet powerful and take-charge. Annie may seem innocent on the outside, but she's got a real tough streak running through her, just like the Powerpuff Girls. It wouldn't be surprising if she was actually made of sugar, spice, and everything nice...and chemical X.

Shirley - Strawberry Shortcake

Cheerful, sweet and delicious, Strawberry Shortcake would be the perfect show for Shirley. After all, it's much easier to run a sandwich shop in a world where everyone appreciates food so much, they're named after it. And the people of Strawberry Shortcake certainly have Shirley's sunny disposition...but what would be even better is seeing that world transformed by Shirley's unexpected bursts of anger.

Chang - Animaniacs

Chang could certainly be described as "zany to the max," and a show that doesn't have just one narrative thread could be perfect for the on-the-edge former Spanish teacher. Plus, this is the show that introduced us to Pinky and the Brain, the pair of rats hell bent on world domination...sounds a lot like Chang's Greendale takeover.

Hickey - Popeye

Okay, yeah, Hickey's the oldest on the show. But Popeye isn't perfect just because it's an older cartoon. Popeye has the same kind of ornery, tough, pull-yourself-by-your-bootstraps attitude that Hickey does. Hickey may not be able to pack as big of a punch, but hey, maybe he just hasn't been eating his spinach.

Image: NBC