Thanks to the trending hashtag #MusingsFromBarbiesDiary, America's most iconic doll finally has a voice. Although the bombshell may have been born in the 1959, her popularity hasn't waned. Over the years, she transformed from a raven-haired teenage fashion model to a blonde, blue-eyed California dreamer, and, most recently, into a filmmaker and social justice advocate. Still, what lies between her two plastic ears has been a mystery — until now.

The stereotypes about Barbie mostly stem from the iconic Malibu Barbie incarnation. In 1971, this tan, golden-tressed version of the doll debuted to wild success, cementing our image of Barbie as the epitome of laid back glamour and white privilege. Her ocean front Malibu "dream house" (which would IRL retail in the millions) is decked out with ornate pink trimmings, from chandeliers to a luxurious master bedroom suite. Her body is designed to reflect hegemonic beauty standards with tiny waist and amble breasts. And if this incredibly rich babe were actually to exist in the world, she wouldn't even be able to stand up straight.

Sure, this is all good food for feminist thought, but what is the real Barbie thinking? Twitter weighed in today on her deep doll thoughts, and it turns out Barbie is just like us — sort of.

Here's what's on her mind:

1. Authenticity

2. Relationships

3. Sex

4. House And Car

5. Makeup

6. Mental Health

Images: Twitter