Watch Jon Hamm, & His Hair Lose a '90s Dating Show

Back in the day (as in, the mid 1990s, also known as the second-greatest time for hair ever), there was a dating show called The Big Date. A young lad named Jon Hamm appeared on this dating show, and let's just say... he didn't fare so well. However, his hair takes the win.

The notoriously very, very manly man is so manly that he has to shave his beard three times a day because testosterone seeps out of his pores, but his masculinity index just shot up another thousand points with this awesome video.

In this Big Date episode, a woman is asked to describe her ideal date ... and somehow manages to weave in there that she has a foot fetish. Cool, thanks for mentioning, lady. Hamm's response to how he fulfills a date for a lady? Brace yourselves:

Well, I start off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation, and a fabulous foot massage for evening of fabulosity.

OH MAN. What a fabulous time that sounds like, Mr. Hamm. You may want to flex your vocabulary muscles in addition to your masculine muscles, but I digress.

Unfortunately for Hamm, he did not win at this (even if his hair did — you must watch to see!), but luckily for him, he had a bunch of ladies to win over in this not-too-far off future.

You can watch this hilariously delightful treat from the '90s below: