Where To Buy 4 Kim Kardashian Looks On Amazon

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We’ve been keeping up with Kim Kardashian for almost a decade, and one thing that hasn’t changed is how obsessed we all are with her wardrobe. But until now, her glamorous wardrobe came with a hefty price tag. That’s right, I came up with how to look like Kim Kardashian, both in fashion and in beauty, for way less on Amazon.

There is so much to love about Kim Kardashian’s style, from her clothes to her makeup to her lustrous hair. She’s been dressed by almost every single designer from Balmain to Chanel and Valentino. And, her makeup is always on point too. She’s the reason why contour and highlighting palettes are on everyone’s beauty wish lists. Say what you want about her, but the girl is a trendsetter, and who hasn’t thought about pulling off one of her outrageous outfits. But being Kim Kardashian comes at a price, with the cheapest thing probably being her $770 natural beauty routine.

Since next to nobody can actually afford Kim’s clothes or jet set to Paris to visit Givenchy’s fashion house, I did some digging and broke down two of Kim’s beauty and fashion looks accessible for the non-Kardashian. I included clothes and products that won’t cost more than your rent. Plus, everything you see here is available on Amazon, so you don't even need to fly to Europe to score Kim K.’s look.

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