Swatches Of Milk Makeups Lip Metals

by Rachel Nussbaum

The metallic lip trend shows no sign of slowing down, with that glimmer lip the Insta accessory to have. No need to manually apply sequins to your lips everyday, either, with metallic options from Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop, and now Milk Makeup: The line announced their Lip Metals today, immediately available for purchase (instant gratification, the best). And yup, swatches of Milk Makeup's Lip Metals are exactly as gorgeous as you'd expect them to be.

Milk Makeup's winter launch comes in just two shades at the moment: Buffy, a dusty rose mauve, and Slayer, a dark berry. One hundred props for the names — love a Vampire Slayer reference, even though the connection is ambiguous. Maybe because Buffy was so excellent, it was...metal? Maybe it has no reasoning, and just combines a slammin' lip look with homage to a great series? Probably that one.

Regardless, the slim, silver Lip Metals are an intriguing twist on the metallic trend. They've set themselves apart by going for a glossy finish over matte, and feature a twist-up pen applicator that harkens to Clarins' 4-Colour All-in-One Pen. The formula features "lotus oil and a mineral complex for hydration and antioxidant protection," claiming to deliver a "smooth, foil-like finish for an on-trend look that stays put" — so no fudge-coated lips here.

4-Colour All-in-One Pen, $30, Clarins

MILK MAKEUP Lip Metal in Buffy, $24, Sephora

Best of all, the pen applicator likely means greater control over how much you apply, a definite step above the "small streak, spread, repeat" routine some other metallic long-wear liquid lipsticks require.

The shade Buffy can also read as a gorgeous, frosted pink on olive skintones.

MILK MAKEUP Lip Metal in Slayer, $24, Sephora

While Slayer's berry accents have a subtle auburn tilt that catches the light.

Ultra beautiful, both of them.

And with high marks on convenience, they're no brainers. Prime time to give the New Year's Eve ball some competition.

Images: Courtesy Milk Makeup (4)