We May See More Of 'Travelers' On Netflix

Christmas will come early for sci-fi fanatics when Travelers hits Netflix on Dec. 23. This will be the first time Americans get to watch the new series, but Travelers is a collaboration between Showcase Canada and Netflix — and it received a generally positive response from audiences when it debuted in Canada on Oct. 17. Set hundreds of years in the future, Travelers focuses on the last surviving humans, who discover a way send to consciousness back through time. When they time travel back to the 21st century, the aforementioned travelers assume the lives of people at the moments of their deaths and then work as teams in an attempt to protect humanity from a doomed future. This intriguing plotline sounds like it could easily extend past 10 episodes — so will Travelers get a Season 2 on Netflix?

At this time, there has been no official confirmation of either renewal or cancellation — and we'll probably have to wait a little while for a definitive answer. The series airs weekly in Canada, so Season 1 will conclude on Dec. 26 on Showcase. Because the series is a collaboration between Showcase Canada and Netflix, it seems likely that the networks will want to debrief on the overall season ratings once it's concluded in Canada and viewers all over the world have had a chance to marathon on Netflix.

So, what's a sci-fi fan to do when they've finished Travelers and are forced to wait for news about Season 2? Luckily, Netflix has a few other amazing shows that will hold us over.

The Returned (Les Revenants)

This series is totally riveting and it's a serious challenge to not watch an entire season in one sitting. Set in a small French village, a group of deceased individuals return years after their demises — they haven't aged and have no recollection of what caused their deaths. As you can imagine, this causes all sorts of chaos — but none of it compares to the moment a serial killer returns and resumes his spree of violence.

The X-Files

I know, I know — pretty much every sci-fi fan out there is very familiar with everyone's favorite believer and skeptic. But, I simply can't exclude this classic series from the list — and, in my humble opinion, one can never re-watch The X-Files too many times.

Black Mirror

This British sci-fi anthology series is not to be missed, and three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. It taps into paranoia about new technologies and each episode features different characters, a different setting, and a different reality — so a major benefit is that you don't have to watch in order and can pick and choose which episodes look most interesting to you.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things basically gained overnight acclaim and it was well-deserved. When Will mysteriously disappears from his hometown, his friends and family team up to find him — but it quickly becomes clear that he wasn't taken by a human being. The series strikes the perfect balance between paying homage to the work of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, and other icons, while strongly establishing itself as its own unique show.


OK, so that finale took a major toll on many viewers (*raises my hand*), but it was preceded by six amazing seasons — and, like Travelers, it features time travel in addition to many other innovative sci-fi elements.

So, as we wait for confirmation about Season 2 of Travelers, at least there are plenty of great sci-fi shows to marathon on Netflix.

Images: Jeff Weddell/Netflix (2); Giphy (5)