13 Jyn Erso Quotes From 'Rogue One' To Live By

Being a good leader isn't just about what you do, but what you say. Your word is your honor, and, in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Jyn Erso inspires a rebellion with her words. In fact, Jyn's quotes in Rogue One can be inspiration whether you're about to rebel against something or not. Like Leia and Padme before her, Jyn is a powerful woman who is ready to lead. The former smuggler turned rebel leader has been tasked with stealing the plans for the Death Star, a weapon designed by her father Galen Erso that can literally destroy planets. To stop the galaxy far, far away from being blown up, Jyn needs a team to help her. Now all she has to do is convince them to trust the force and her.

Luckily, Jyn has a way with words. In this stand-alone Stars Wars film, she goes from being an outsider who doesn't feel connected to anyone to leading a rebellion that stopped the Empire in its tracks — at least for a little while. In honor of her impressive oratory skills, I think I need to celebrate some of her best quotes in Rogue One. You're welcome in advance for the wisdom.

1. "We Have Hope. Rebellions Are Built On Hope."

This is the rallying cry that Jyn delivers to her team when they need a little pep talk. But it's also a fitting line to help lead us into Star Wars: A New Hope.

2. "It's Not A Problem If You Don't Look Up."

This is Jyn's over-simplified explanation for how she dealt with life under Imperial rule. It's a sign of complacency that many were feeling, Jyn included.

3. “I’ve Never Had The Luxury Of Political Opinions.”

But, on the flip side, Jyn expresses the anger that the disenfranchised feel with this one line.

4. "This Is A Rebellion, Isn't It? I Rebel."

Jyn is ready AF to make this fight happen and doesn't mind giving Mon Mothma a little sass to prove it.

5. "Let's Just Get This Over With, Shall We?"

She definitely wants to make it clear that she doesn't have time to waste. Hello, the Death Star isn't going to dismantle itself.

6. "Anyone Not Willing To Risk Being Left Behind?"

This wording of this one makes it clear how Jyn feels about those who feel their life is worth more than the rebellion.

7. "The Time To Fight Is Now!"

This is her simple answer to the question, "What chance do we have?" Now is certainly as good a time as any.

8. "Quiet."

Sure, this seems a little thin to be one of her best quotes, but it's a line she wields with a whole lot power. She repeats it often to those who are being Debbie Downers about this whole thing. It seems to do the trick, too.

9. "They Call It The Death Star. It Could Be The End Of Us All. There’s A Way To Defeat It."

Jyn is a woman with a plan, even if she's not sure what it is quite yet.

10. "This Is Our Chance To Make A Real Difference."

It's easy to feel like you don't have the power to change things, but Jyn wants you to know you're wrong. Don't miss your chance.

11. “Trust Goes Both Ways.”

Not just wise words for those trying to lead rebellion, but for any relationship really.

12. “What Chance Do We Have? The Question Is 'What Choice'.”

For Jyn, the questions that were being asked were wrong, so she put her own spin on one in particular.

13. “Orders? When You Know They’re Wrong? You Might As Well Be A Stormtrooper.”

Don't be a follower, be a leader.

Keep Jyn in mind the next time you have to lead your own rebellion.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm; Giphy (13)