When Does The ColourPop KathleenLights Favorites Sale End? Here Are The Dates To Shop

It's no secret that Kathleen Fuentes, AKA KathleenLights, loves ColourPop. The two have worked together on tons of different projects and collabs, so their latest gift to fans comes as no surprise. To go along with Fuentes' latest YouTube video, ColourPop is giving 20 percent off all of Fuentes' favorites. Trust me when I say that it's worth a shop. When does the sale end, you ask? This deal won't be around for much longer.

ColourPop is known for their surprise launches and sales, but this time they're doing things a bit differently. Instead of giving away free products or having a site-wide sale, they're giving 20 percent off of all KathleenLights' favorite products. I'm talking all of the vlogger's favorite shadows, liners and lippies. There are 60 products to choose from. And yes, you read that right.

If you're already a KathleenLights subscriber, then you probably already know the deets. If not, let me break it down. This sale is happening from now until Dec. 22. Of course, like all ColourPop sales, it's only while supplies last, though. A few of the items are already sold out at the time of publication, so you should probably just stop what you're doing and get over there to start shopping.

According to Fuentes' video, this sale was not planned. The YouTuber said in the video that she is really close friends with people that work at ColourPop, and when they heard about her doing this video, they came up with the sale idea. That's pretty darn great, if you ask me.

The sale includes all of Fuentes' collabs as well as tons of other items as well. As of Dec. 20 at 10:30am EST, only two of the 60 items are currently sold out. Those two are the Get Paid Liner and Finders Keepers Ultra Glossy Lip.

KathleenLights on YouTube

In my honest opinion, you can't go wrong with any of these buys. Especially at such an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Go get to shopping!

Images: kathleenlights/Instagram (1)