Lady Gaga's House Tour!

What would you expect from Lady Gaga's house? A sprawling warehouse scantily decorated with strange masks or an giant penthouse with rooms that are all different themes but all equally elaborate? Either of these sound reasonable to me, but her actual home fits neither description. Lady Gaga gave a tour of her apartment to MTV's Sway Calloway and in reality it's a gaudy place that looks more fit for an wealthy Upper East Side woman in her 80s than Lady Gaga. Well, actually, that's hard to say. I'm pretty sure one of Lady Gaga's many personalities is a wealthy Upper East Side woman in her 80s.

The tour starts, as tours do, in Lady Gaga's entranceway, an area covered in tropical leaf wallpaper. Sway and Gaga make their way to her living room as she explains that Tony Bennett and Liza Minnelli both once lived in the home. There are a lot of gilded pieces and crystal chandeliers — it's like Liberace's house but toned down. Wow, never thought the words "toned down" would apply to Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga has an amazing view of Central Park which she loves, but her reasoning is a big bummer. "The most important thing to me about this place is I can come out here and stand outside. That's the best thing. I miss going outside." Sway adds does she mean she can't go out unless she's in disguises and she says, "Such is life, I'm blessed in many ways." I'm thinking her disguise could just be wearing a t-shirt and jeans and throwing on a pair of sunglasses, but I guess Gaga doesn't see it that way. If she wants to feel trapped inside her apartment, fine, but really no one would ever suspect a woman walking down the street in normal clothes was Lady Gaga.

The tour also shows a large for New York, but small for Lady Gaga bedroom that may or may not be the one she actually uses. From what I gather from this tour, this apartment has a lot more going on than what she showed the cameras. I saw those stairs in your living room, Lady Gaga! And I know those lead to all the crazy stuff!