Where Can You Buy JWoww Liquid Lipticks? The Velvet Mattes Are Available Here — PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner isn't the sole reality star making a mint off the velvety, matte lip trend! Jersey Shore alum Jenni "JWoww" Farley has her own cosmetics line, called JWoww Cosmetics. The hero product so far is the Velvet Cream Lip Stain, which is a liquid lipstick in tube form. The brand has been getting lots of love from bloggers, vloggers, and influencers, like Makeup Ashley, who is singing the praises of these lippies, as is Brooklyn's Makeup By GiiGii.

According to the product description on the brand's site, these lippies are "vibrant shades that glide on smoothly and don't dry out your lips. The plush and creamy formula is enriched with moisturizers to ensure your lips stay both velvet matte and hydrated throughout the day!"

That all adds up to "yes" for me. Where can you buy JWoww Cosmetics velvet lippies?

The collection is available at the JWoww Cosmetics site. Several products are sold out, so this brand may have been hiding in plain sight and quietly amassing a following. If it's velvet-look lips you desire, then this could be an alternative to the oft sold-out Kylie Lip Kits and Jeffree Star Lip Velours of the world.

The lippies are offered as singles, bundled with matching liner, and in sets. The Velvets are $19 solo, while the liners are $13 on their own. When bundled, the set is $25, so that's a decent discount.

Observe select slay-all-day shades.

Careless Nude Bundle, $25, JWowwCosmetics.com

This pink-toned nude has a seriously rich and matte texture.

Jersey Rose Bundle, $25, JWowwCosmetics.com

This Bordeaux shade is winter-ready.

New York Nightlife Bundle, $25, JWowwCosmetics.com

This awesome gray x blue shade is so, so unique. It's also sold out.

The packaging is so chic and minimalist.

It's easy to understand why the reality star has amassed a quiet but strong following. The Velvet Cream Lip Stains look amaze, from packaging to IRL.

Since a velvet lip needs to be precise, I'd recommend purchase with a liner to keep the look clean and crisp, and to prevent bleeding. Plus, that discount is pretty deep.

Images: Courtesy of JWoww Cosmetics (4); JWoww Cosmetics/Instagram (2)