9 Plus Size Butch Clothing Brands You Should Know

by Gina Jones 2

When it comes to bodies, genders, and clothing, people require different things. Finding specific plus size stores for butch people, for instance, is a whole lot more complicated than just simply buying menswear. (Although purchasing menswear and altering it to your proportions may be a solution for some, depending on your sewing skills).

For thinner people, dressing butch or androgynously can be achieved with high street or fast fashion clothing easily enough. For fatter frames, there's more to consider — not just sizing issues, but the different shapes of plus size bodies and how that translates into butch clothing. Anyone who's struggled with gaping holes while wearing a shirt can attest to how difficult it is to find a plus size shirt for bigger breasts. Just imagine how much harder it must be to hide your boobs as a plus sized person.

Instead of scouring the internet to find appropriate stores that may have appropriate clothing, it's so much easier to browse a single list of everything you may need. Hopefully, this list will help you compile the ultimate butch wardrobe.

1. Bindle & Keep

The Wink Package, $795,

This bespoke suit company offers a tailor made suit for anyone, based entirely on your dreams and wishes. With a 3D portrait of yourself used to tailor your suit perfectly as well as fitting meetings to explain and work out how best to achieve the suit of your dreams, this is a garment well worth investing in.

2. Focx

Black Boxer Shorts (Available to size 20), $19,

This British company offers bespoke underwear in masculine styles for any gender and ranges from sexy, expensive styles to fun, cartoon prints. Available from size two to size 20, these pants are totally worth shipping from the UK so you feel butch at every layer.

3. Seven Even Clothing

Stonewall Riot T-Shirt (Available to 3x), $25,

Seven Even is a brand that prides itself heavily on supporting LGBT rights, which is why their clothing is primarily androgynous and available in larger sizes.

4. Gender Free World Clothing

Penguin Print Shirt (Available to size 22), $57, G ender Free World

Another British brand that goes out of its way to not only produce butch clothing for all, but model them on a huge variety of people too. Available up to a size 22 and covering everything from basics to quirky prints, this is essentially a one stop shop for most butch people.

5. Butch Basix

Slim Straight Leg Jeans (Available to size 48), $120,

Aside from shoes, Butch Basix cover all types of garments that a butch person may need - doing exactly what the name suggests. Not only that, but that but they also provide butch accessories, butch toiletries and butch clothing for your pets.

6. CharlieBoy

Olive Shirt Jacket (Available to 2x), $64,

This Australian brand goes up to 4x and if your size is sold out, they'll custom make your order for you. This is the best brand for anyone looking for a bit edgier kind of butch style.

7. Kipper Clothiers

Varsity Cardigan (Available to 2x), $160,

As well as their ready to wear collection, Kipper Clothiers also offer custom made suits for any size and shape. A brand that focuses on dapper style but also offers an extensive casual range for butch bodies.

8. TomboyX

Tartan V-Neck (Available to 3x), $30,

Although primarily a butch underwear brand, this store also offers apparel to match their pants or wear on their own. Because matching underwear sets aren't just for femme folks.

9. Haute Butch

Garrison Vest (Available to 4x), $99,

Haute Butch has you covered from head to toe, including socks and shoes, t-shirts and coats all the way to tailored suits. Helped into life by Kickstarter, this store is proof that if you make it, people will buy it.

From expensive shirts made entirely to your proportions - even your 3D rendered proportions to basic pants and socks, this list has you covered.

Images: Courtesy Brands