Trash the Dress? Try Setting Your Dress on Fire...While It's Still on Your Body

An Israeli couple and their wedding photographer have come under fire (literally, under fire) for a recent trash-the-dress photo shoot...where the bride and her wedding dress were, you guessed it, set on fire.

Burning or otherwise detroying wedding dress isn't a new trend. The whole "trash the dress and have even more expensive photos taken by a professional photographer to document it" thing has been going on for a few years. I have no idea why you'd want to destroy what is likely the most expensive garment you'll ever purchase in your life, but to each her own, I guess. Natasha Samuel, the bride in this story, saw a trash-the-dress session where a dress was made to look like it was on fire with Photoshop. She thought it was awesome, so she and her photographer, Eric Simantov, wanted to take it a step further. With actual fire. (Click over to the Huffington Post to see the photo. Whoa.)

So Samuel and Simantov, along with Samuel's new husband, Daniel Yakcobi, figured out how to safely set a dress on fire while it was still on Samuel's body. They talked to a firefighter, apparently! So that's something. The dress was quickly doused in flammable liquid and Simantov snapped a few shots before Samel ran into the ocean to put out the flames.

Samuel got the trash-the-dress shot she wanted (plus an added bonus of a little publicity). Wedding photographers have widely condemned the shoot, saying it was clearly unsafe, but I imagine this shoot will probably inspire more than a few copycats. That scares me as much as the photo of a woman with flames shooting up the back of her wedding dress.