7 Times Nate & Robin Of 'The Detour' Were Ride Or Die Couple Goals

When it comes to finding a partner, you ask yourself plenty of questions. Does this person share your goals and values? When you wake up next to them, does the sight of their face not make you want to vomit? If you were to murder someone, would they help you stash the body? And when it comes to couples who are down for anything, Nate and Robin of The Detour are about as ride-or-die as they come.

After all, it isn't any old person who'll stick with you through a nationwide manhunt, a green card marriage (to another person), losing your kids at a strip club, and the accidental officiating of a statutorily not-okay wedding. Such is the kind of ill-advised yet pure love and devotion at the center of The Detour. No matter what kind of bizarro misadventures they seem to fall into, they're there to loyally support each other — even against common sense. And when you find someone like that, you hold on to them with a death grip that'll make 'em say, "You're cutting off my circulation, but I kinda like it."

To help you in your search for the Nate to your Robin, or vice versa, we're remembering all the times that this offbeat duo was the couple that you want to be in. Make sure to catch the commercial-free season premiere of The Detour, Tuesday Feb. 21st at 10 p.m. E/T on TBS.

1. When Their Relationship Started Off On A Decidedly Weird Gynecological Foot


Nate and Robin's couple origin story begins at a funeral, where the pair are doused with coke, get accidentally high, and end up making sloppy animal love. All of this is capped off by Nate going spelunking inside Robin after the condom falls off inside her —which, if that doesn't bond you to a person, I give up on love.

2. When They Patched Up A Huge Fight With A Mutual Hatred For People Who Make The World Worse


No matter how vicious the fight, no matter how big the lie, all this aspirational pair needs to bury the hatchet is to run into a gun-toting, 2nd-amendment pounding idiot who believes that his right to bear arms is best exercised casually at an amusement park full of kids.

3. When Robin Came In Clutch With Room Service


If you believe in yourself, you can make continental breakfast happen at any time you want — just like a high AF Robin does when she and Nate get the munchies for breakfast treats at a motor lodge way past room service hours. Shoutout to the teenage bellman for hooking them up.

4. When Robin Was Ready To Bone A Billionaire To Get Her Husband's Job Back


If you want to get your partner his/her job back just like Robin did, follow these simple steps. Step 1: walk backwards into creepy billionaire boss's private event. Step 2: wade through the moat of thirsty models. Step 3: dazzle billionaire with your charm and wit. Step 4: make billionaire think he has a chance of entering your pleasure cave. Step 5: restore your husband's employment!

5. When Nate Crashed That Billionaire's Party To Prevent That Boning Episode


Owing to Robin's commitment to the above plan, Nate is convinced that she's seriously intent on sleeping with his billionaire boss. This leads him on a spree of grand gestures — including driving the family's run-down minivan and hijacking the billionaire's yacht — to try to prevent the presumed boning. ::Sigh:: So romantic <3

6. When They Were Ready To Take Their Parental Secrets To The Grave (Sorta)


Secret number 1: they're actually not married. Secret number 2: Jared's real name is Jareb. For the good of the family, they kept these two things protected under blood oath for the first effective decade of their children's existences. Parenting at its finest.

7. But Ultimately, They Know When To Come Clean


Just like they're on the same page about keeping the necessary secrets from their kids, they end up being on the same page about when to reveal them. Same goes for the secrets that they keep from one another. Well, unless those secrets have anything to do with secret identities.

This article is sponsored by The Detour. Make sure to catch the commercial-free season premiere of The Detour Tuesday Feb. 21st at 10 p.m. E/T on TBS.

Images: TBS