Prom Expectations Vs. Reality

Prom. It's the Most Magical Night Of Your Whole Life Ever. At least, that's what the world would have you believe if you've ever watched a single awful high school rom-com in the last three decades. Anyone who's actually been to a prom, however, knows that the big rite of passage can be, well, more miserable than magical.

The good news is that the past (especially when we're talking about those gloriously awkward teenage years) exists to be laughed at, which is why, as high schoolers everywhere eagerly prepare for what they can only assume will be the most dazzling night of their lives, we think it's only fitting to reflect on how horribly and perfectly wrong the whole thing can go. Because while the reality of prom may not have lived up to our expectations, at least it was really, really funny.

Expectation: Your All-Time High School Crush will ask you to the prom in some elaborate show of affection. Possibly involving song and dance.

It always works out for the underdogs in teen movies, why won't it for you?

Reality: You end up going with your best friend and their S.O. as a third wheel.

Not like that's the worst thing to ever happen to you but, ugh.

Expectation: You will find the perfect dress and feel like a beautiful princess.

Reality: You feel hideous in everything and settle for the best of the worst.

Expectation: The venue will look like this.

Reality: The venue will look like this:

Expectation: You'll dance with the love of your teenage life.

Reality: No dancing.

Expectation: You'll have a perfect midnight kiss.

Reality: Someone will awkwardly, overzealously try to choke with you their tongue.

Expectation: You'll look back and love every wonderful, perfect moment of it.

Reality: You'll look back and be able to laugh about every horrible, painful moment of it.

Images: Touchstone Pictures, Tumblr