4 Easy Recipes Packed With Superfoods To Make You Smile

Today, it’s probably more likely that you get the majority of your food from a drive-thru window, a takeout container, or a restaurant menu than you do from your own kitchen. While the convenience of modern-day meal delivery services is hard to beat, preparing your own meals at home could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Another huge perk of cooking for yourself is that, in general, it’s a whole lot healthier than ordering out. And while most people associate eating more nutritious food with better health, one area people often neglect to think about when it comes to food choices and their well-being is their dental hygiene. According to the American Dental Association, when we practice a poor diet, one of the first areas of decline is our oral health. Sugar isn’t the only culprit to our pearly whites, though — a Western diet (full of sugar, carbohydrates, and starches) has been shown to increase the likelihood of enamel erosion, which can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and sensitive teeth.

To keep your teeth strong and healthy, we partnered with Pronamel® Strong & Bright to find four recipes rich in superfoods and good-for-you ingredients that’ll keep you smiling.

Tuscan Mac And Cheese With Kale And Turkey

A traditional mac and cheese dish, made with butter, flour, heavy cream, and tons of pasta, doesn’t exactly scream "healthy." But this version, which takes less than an hour from preparation to completion, sneaks in good-for-you additions like kale, cannellini beans, and whole wheat pasta to make it a more well-rounded meal, without compromising the deliciousness factor.

If you aren’t already planning on making this for dinner ASAP, know this: Cheese isn’t just a great source of calcium, but it has also been found to prevent cavity formation. Cheese can help raise pH levels in our mouths, lowering our risk of tooth decay.

Honey Balsamic And Lemon Brussels Sprout Chicken With Goat Cheese Polenta

This yummy chicken dish is straightforward and easy, yet it cranks up the flavor with its signature balsamic honey glaze. You won’t just be feasting on a mouthwatering meal, you’ll also be getting a healthy dose of protein and calcium. Brussels sprouts boost your intake of vitamin C, while chicken is rich in phosphorus. When combined with calcium and Vitamin D, phosphorus is good for both your teeth and your bones.

Garlic Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon With Broccoli

While many people associate seafood with fancy, even complicated dinners, you should know that this Garlic Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon with Broccoli recipe is not only easy but quick — it takes less than 35 minutes to make! If the garlic honey ginger glaze isn’t enough to make your mouth water, consider this: Research shows that the omega-3 fish oils DHA and EPA found in salmon can boost the gums and bones that support healthy teeth and thus protect you against periodontitis, an advanced gum disease. What’s more is that the phosphorus in salmon can protect tooth enamel to keep your smile strong. And let’s not forget the side of broccoli (your mom would be proud!). High in vitamins, fiber and calcium, research also shows that broccoli might actually actively protect your teeth from enamel erosion.

Sweet And Spicy Rosemary Mixed Nuts

For a dessert that’s as simple as it is sweet, this Sweet and Spicy Rosemary Mixed Nuts recipe is the perfect combination of savory and spicy. Nuts are packed with key proteins and nutrients in addition to good fats, making them a better-for-you dessert choice. To keep you munching away, this recipe includes calcium-rich almonds to promote tooth and gum health. And to truly clean your palate, cashew nuts have oral health benefits, too! Studies show that cashew extract (along with other plant extracts) is superior to certain drugstore-bought mouth rinses when it comes to suppressing oral pathogens. So you can smile wider and brighter after enjoying this dessert!

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