Lena Dunham & Retta Are Our New Favorite Couple

Some days it's hard to find your groove. Sometimes you a reminder of humanity's potential goodness and truth. And sometimes you just have to turn to Twitter to witness the blossoming of a beautiful thing. Case in point: Lena Dunham and Retta (Donna from Parks and Recreation) have an ongoing Twitter friendship.

I stumbled across this relationship while reading about the ongoing speculation about Late Night's next host. On April 3rd, Lena Dunham tweeted, "Take the ball and run with it, CBS! But I'm putting in an early vote for @unfoRETTable." Intrigued, I followed the tweet down the rabbit hole, eagerly searching for a connection between these two founts of comedic gold. If there are any two women I want to see hanging out, it's Lena Dunham and Retta. "Treat yourself" just became "Tweet yourself."

Indeed, I discovered that Retta had also paid Dunham a compliment, tweeting Dunham's Glamour cover and adding, "lenadunham looking hawwwwt." I scrolled down even further to uncover their moment of initial contact. To my surprise, it appears that Retta acted in a music video that Lena Dunham directed for her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff. It's a small world, after all. For the first Retta appearance, skip to 1:12.

Antonoff appears as a therapist in this video, and Retta and other actors are his clients. Her marriage is on the rocks, but Retta maintains her trademark stoicism, asking her husband questions that he can't avoid. This music video for Bleachers' "I Wanna Get Better" helps us understand the Dunham and Retta Twitter appreciation, and it makes me hope that even more collaboration is in the works. Maybe Dunham will appear on an episode of Parks and Recreation, as the only hipster in Eagleton. Donna will befriend her and invite her to move in, and the two will hit the town in Donna's Mercedes in celebration of their new cohabitation.

Check out the tweets here, and a word to the wise: Retta's live tweeting is rapid-fire and thoroughly entertaining. You may enjoy reading her tweets more than watching the shows themselves.

It looks like Retta's winning in terms of quantity, but Dunham's one tweet packs a punch. Let's hope that their burgeoning friendship continues, and cheers to two comedy queens' creative collaboration!

Image: NBC