Move Aside Colbert — It's Time for a Woman on the 'Late Show'

The Internet seems to have already decided that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on the Late Show. Even though CBS has yet to confirm the replacement, some have already begun to predict what would happen if Colbert gave up The Colbert Report. But before online pundits make CBS's decision for them, let's all step back a moment to consider another option. Like...what if a woman took over Letterman's seat?

As the longest-running talk show host ever, Letterman may be an institution now, but he didn't start out that way: After being a regular guest on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show, Letterman was given his own show on NBC. As soon as his show was moved to the spot directly after The Tonight Show and renamed the Late Show, Letterman had made a name for himself as the radical talk show host. His segments were sometimes bizarre, he got into fights with guests, and his monologues were raw.

And now, with Letterman retiring, someone should carry his game-changing legacy. And honestly, as much as I love Stephen Colbert, I'm not sure he can fit that bill without his Report persona. We need someone new — a woman — for the job.

A few rumors have also been floating that Chelsea Handler may be a frontrunner for Late Show, and it has been confirmed that she's in talks about a show of some kind with CBS. But although Chelsea would be a fresh face, she wouldn't bring much else to the table. Her recent string of racist tweets and constant racial jokes are outdated and stale, and shows that, although she has blazed a trail for future women in late night television, she may not be right for this job.

There are also many great options beyond Handler, though. If Tina Fey or Amy Poehler wanted to move into late night, they could easily host a raucous, funny Late Show together, or even indivudually. It would be like we never left the Golden Globes — and without the obnoxious interruptions for awards!

But since Fey and Poehler are still busy over at NBC, the Late Show could tap into other great female talent. Since Lorne Michaels seems to be providing talent for late night these days, CBS could call on another great SNL alumna. Whether they choose Maya Rudolph, current SNL Weekend Update anchor Cecily Strong, or even Julia Louis-Dreyfus if it would be possible to work around her Veep schedule, the show would be completely changed. They're all qualified, and they could bring new perspectives to the rapidly-stagnating Late Show, free of racist baggage.

And I, for one, think America needs to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus interrogate actors, or doing the Elaine dance one more time.

I MEAN. Come on.

So, CBS — while you consider another man in a suit to replace Letterman, you should consider one of these amazing women.

Image: GIFSoup