Real Talk: How To Avoid Body Odor Come Summertime

Come summertime, nearly all beauty blogs and women's magazines are tacking issues like "How To Stop Your Foundation From Melting" or "How To Combat Frizz." That's all fine and good, but the real beauty issue that needs to be addressed in the middle of a heatwave is more along the lines of "Hey, how can I stop from smelling like a 7th grade boy?"

Breaking news: Summer is hot. Sure, that's great for days on the beach or by the pool (or, if you're anything like me, days sitting next to a fan and rewatching season one of Felicity), but it's not so great for body odor. Between commuting underground, hanging out in A/C-less locations, or even just walking from point A to Point B, you're bound to get sweaty. Unfortunately, there's no way around that. But there are ways to combat the smell of sweat (Sorry. There's no way to make this sound cute. I've tried).

1. Before you go to bed at night, use a powerful deodorant.

Secret's Clinical Strength, $8, Secret

Deodorant? Before bed? No, the heat hasn't gotten to my head. Certain Dri is a clinical strength deodorant that you roll on under your arms before bed. It's pretty powerful stuff, so you'll probably only have to use it every other night. Oh, and it won't wash off in the shower, so don't worry about that. You should still use a powerful deodorant once the sun rises, like Secret's Clinical Strength.

2. Use a body wash that smells good, but can also get the job done.

Soap & Glory, $20, Sephora

Sorry, but normal soap and water just ain't cutting it in July. Instead, go for a body wash with peppermint oil, like this one from Soap&Glory, to fight B.O.

3. Slather yourself with a fragrant body oil.

Fresh Sugar Body Oil, $48, Nordstrom

Do this right when you get out of the shower — it's when your pores are the most open and will absorb the most scent. Not only will it make your skin super soft, but it will also seep into your pores and keep you smelling nice all day. I'm a huge fan of the Sugar Body Oil from Fresh. It's powerful without being cloying, so you don't wind up smelling like your grandma (no offense to your grandma).

3. Go for a subtle scent on the back of your knees, behind your ears, and on your wrists.

Chloé Eau de Parfum, $105, Sephora

It's tempting to douse yourself with the most powerful perfume you can find, but do you really want to know what that smells like after it's been baking in the sun and mixed with sweat? Instead, go for something subtle, like Chloé.

4. Meet your new best friend, the rollerball.

Calvin Klein Rollerball Perfume, $24, Macy's

Rollerball perfume is about to be your new favorite thing. You're going to want to take it out to dinner. But it a drink. Send it roses. (Please don't do anything of those things.) Instead, just throw it in your purse or pocket wherever you go. I keep two with me. One for my wrists, knees, and ears, and one for under my arms. Weird? Maybe. But I'd rather be weird than smell bad.