Oh My God, 'The Goonies' Sequel Might Actually Happen

When the TMZ photographers shot footage of Goonies director Richard Donner today, they got a little more than they bargained for in the best way possible: In the middle of signing autographs and being interrogated by the obnoxious TMZ vulture, Donner responded to a question about whether he will make another comic book movie, saying, "Uh, if you call the Goonies comic books. We're doing the sequel." And so, Richard Donner let the Chunk out of the bag. A The Goonies sequel might be really happening!

Donner even hinted that he's trying to get the whole gang back together, hinting that he hopes all of the stars from the original film will be in the sequel.

Of course, it's possible that the annoyed-looking Donner could have been yanking TMZ's chain, trying to get the interrogator they sent to leave him in peace. Yet he seemed rather emphatic about the sequel, so it seems likely that his hint might hold some weight. Now we all just have to wait for Richard Donner to fulfill our childhood dreams, and bring the Goonies back for another epic adventure, probably as not-so-mature adults.

So go find your old Goonies t-shirt, perfect the truffle shuffle, avoid blenders like the plague, and rewatch the first Goonies on Netflix. Remember, Goonies never say die — and these rumors are enough for us.

Image: Warner Bros.