Amanda Bynes' Back on Twitter Again With Even More Proof of Her Amazing Progress

Although Amanda Bynes’ Twitter use post-rehab hasn’t been as frequent as it was when compared to the past, the She’s The Man actress has proven she’s not going to shy away from posting pictures of herself on the social media site. And good news: Amanda Bynes looked happy and healthy in recent Twitter posts of her sporting a bright yellow bikini. The actress recently celebrated her 28th birthday on April 3 in Mexico.

In both, it is clear that someone else is taking the photo, which we can assume means that others (possibly family?) approved of them before they hit Twitter. While the celebrity flashes a smile as she lays out on a chair to catch some rays, the other photo captures a similar look of happiness on her face as she does a head-over-the-shoulder pose, with her body not facing the camera.

Bynes, who wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes she received, and who commented that she was on spring break, has shown immense progress and improvement with the way she is currently handling her Twitter account. Comparatively, when the actress first began her worrisome downward spiral, her followers were often used to seeing photos of her in her lingerie as well as a few awkward gym selfies where she donned a Monroe piercing.

However, Bynes’ new photos seem to reveal how she’s on a better path now. Likewise, most of her Twitter images thus far have been taking by someone else, which could be reassuring, recognizing that she’s getting out there and socializing with her friends and family now as opposed to being in constant isolation in NYC.

Either way, the former Nickelodeon star is making a steady comeback, and we’re here to support her all the way. Check out the pics below.

Image: Twitter/amandabynes