Kristen Bell Still Awesome, Explains She Wants to Be a Hands-On Mother

Stop it, Kristen Bell. First the sloth came to your party, then you rebooted "Veronica Mars" and starred in Frozen, and now you're going to focus on your relationship with your daughter, Lincoln. Case-in-point: Kristen Bell recently told Us Magazine that she wants to be a "hands-on" mother to daughter Lincoln, and, to top it all off, she added that husband Dax Shepard has "a mean spaghetti dish." Seriously, Bell, let us know when you're going to take a break from being a perfect human, because you're frankly so awesome it's almost boring.

In all honesty though, it is refreshing to see a celebrity adopt a "work hard, family hard" stance on life. Bell told Us on April 2, "I want to be very hands on. I want to cook for my family and feel present for them." Respect!

What's even more awesome is that her husband seems to be carrying equal weight in that regard. Obviously, celebrities have more resources than your average American couple, but it's still nice to see that, in such a high profile relationship, Bell isn't falling into the role of, "I must be the mother who does it all."

In 2013, researchers at the University of Missouri, Brigham Young University and Utah State University found that couples are happier when they share domestic responsibilities. Even if the split isn't exactly 50-50, the ability to support one another around the house does wonders for a marriage. This characteristic, in fact, ranked with "faithfulness and good sex" when it came to top three most important traits for marital satisfaction. Bravo to Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard — they're clearly doing a stellar job at showing her how to build healthy adult relationships.

Finally, as icing on the cake, Bell and Shepard apparently have a great working relationship. Bell said, "He's able to work with his friends and me in a very collaborative way," and, also, "He does a really mean spaghetti dish." Spaghetti, the sloth, and you get along together on set? Bell and Shepard are officially Hollywood's most adorable couple.