These News Bloopers Will Make Your Day

We can agree that movie bloopers are funny. But live television news bloopers? They’re even better. And thanks to YouTube geniuses NewsBeFunny, we are now delighted to present to you the best local news bloopers from the month of March — all eight and a half (!) minutes of them, and in all their cringeworthy glory.

Highlights include the following:

  • An on location reporter saying something unfortunate, not knowing that he was broadcasting live at that moment;
  • Horse Head Mask’s photobombing unicorn cousin (in a tutu, no less);
  • The guy who, upon realizing that the camera was trained on him during a report he wasn't giving, lip synched along with the story;
  • The Pajama Drive wind storm (words you never, ever want to hear on live television include: “We’re going to have to run because our light’s catching on fire.”);
  • The guy who got nailed by the snow wake of a plow over… and over… and over again—and bless him, he kept going;
  • Live earthquakes. Lots of them.
  • And my personal favorite: A severely misplaced “You can jump me anytime you want.” Crickets chirping. “Not…that way.”

This GIF has never been more relevant:

In all seriousness, though, I have ridiculous amounts of respect for all these newscasters. As a writer, time is often of the essence, especially when it comes to breaking trending and viral stories as quickly as possible; however, at least I don’t have entire communities watching me as I type away. To go up in front of the cameras every day like these guys do? Let’s just say that I wouldn’t for a second even consider trading places with them. I salute you, local newscasters of America! May you continue to have long, illustrious careers full of many, many more hilarious on-camera moments!

Image: NewsBeFunny/YouTube