Justin Bieber Fans Trend #StayStrongMyKing On Twitter & It’s Beyond Creepy

The fourth season of Game of Thrones premiered Sunday night, so if you saw that #StayStrongMyKing was trending on Twitter Monday morning, it sounds safe to assume that this was some weird GoT shit that you didn't know about. The thing is, Game of Thrones doesn't have the most passionate fans in the world, Justin Bieber does. Justin Bieber's fans started the hashtag #StayStrongMyKing as a way of supporting Bieber because apparently he's sad and is comforting himself in the most harmful way — getting tattoos that would be instantly regrettable to anyone else.

It seems that this whole thing started when a Belieber named Anka posted a tweet with a photo of a sad-looking Bieber and a message that explained how he recently told two fans that he was having a "bad day" and appeared to have been crying. The grammatical mess of a message also says, "Justin is really depressed, all of his smiles are fake all the tattoos he's getting is another way of self harming... Repost this picture with the hashtag #StayStrongMyKing if your helping."

This really caught on. Other Beliebers began following suit and writing about how they want him to be happy and how they will always support him. I am far from a Belieber (I consider myself a Belatheist, if you're wondering), but I would never wish depression on anyone. That said, there is no proof that Bieber actually is depressed other than a message from a fan that caught on like wildfire because Beliebers will belieb anything. It's beyond bizzare that these fans/cult members are so willing to latch on to any and all information about Bieber even if he has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you want to feel horrified at the way so many young people are willing to voice their cult-like obsession, browse #StayStrongMyKing.

There are the ones who think they have some sort of "work" to do for him:

The ones whose emotions are dictated by his:

And the ones who are convincing me Belieberism will become a major world religion in the next ten years:

Meanwhile, Bieber's own social media presence has been far from negative in the past 24 hours. He posted a photo of himself enjoying a meal with friends, a video of him skateboarding on the smallest half-pipe that has ever existed, and a lovely pic he captioned, "Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti ♛ #generosity."

I'm not saying money buys happiness, but dude is driving a Bugatti while his fans mourn the loss of his true self on Twitter. I'd be willing to bet that Bieber is gazing at his new car, checking Twitter, and laughing at the fact that Beliebers around the world are losing their minds over his alleged sadness. Sorry, Beliebers. I do think he appreciates you though. It's because of you that he's able to afford the Bugatti.

Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram