2013 Emmys: 'Catfish,' 'Bates Motel,' and 4 Other Opening Credit Titles Snubbed by the Awards

The good people over at Uproxx have alerted us to the 2013 Emmys' most exciting race: The best TV Theme Song and Main Title Sequence Emmys, awarded to the television show that delivers the best opening credits. It's a great category — not only does it toast the always under-appreciated opening credits (would we still be investing in Dexter without its bloody good opener drawing us in?), but it gives lesser-known series a chance to shine in the Emmy spotlight. Since a TV show cannot be nominated past its first season, the category is giving recognition to series like Copper, The Americans, Da Vinci's Demons, and Hemlock Grove, even if we know House of Cards or American Horror Story: Asylum is bound to pick up the trophy anyway.

But, by posting this year's nominees, the good people over at Uproxx have also alerted us to all of the TV credits that have been snubbed. So which series should have seen their name on the Emmys' list of nominees?

Catfish: the TV Show

Strangely, it's more difficult to find the series' opening credits online than it is to determine the identity of the person catfishing you. But its introductory credits — featuring Nev Schulman's personal catfishing story and enough social network shout-outs to make the Winklevii grumble — are as captivating as Schulman's tramp stamp.



It's no wonder the History hit was swimming in viewers — its aquatic opener plays out like a short movie itself. Now, if only we could plunder season 2.

Bates Motel

Robert Harness on YouTube

Dark, spooky, invasive — all the things you fear after watching Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, Psycho.


tv71011 on YouTube

Let's face it: Only one demographic tuned into TNT's Dallas reboot: the demographic that tuned into the original Dallas series. And what better way to hook nostalgics than to meld the series' old credits with the new? Just watching the 2012 version's credits make you feel like the original series' cancellation was all a dream.

Ben and Kate

Maurice Birt on YouTube

The only thing more depressing than the fact that this under-appreciated gem was canceled in its first season is the fact that you can't find better footage of its super-sweet opening credits than what's above.

Orange is the New Black

Netflix on YouTube

Of course, since Netflix's new series bowed just over a week ago on July 11, it is not eligible for this year's Emmys race. Still, since the credits — and the series itself — are so good, we can't help but wish the Academy of Television Arts & Scientists could have bent their rules for the show. Everyone knows Orange Is the New Black is the new black.