Kate Middleton's New Zealand Trip & 9 Other Reasons We're Sad We'll Never Be Royals

I don't know about you, but I believe there are just some places where it's acceptable to not look your best: In your bedroom after waking up in the morning, casual Fridays, and after a 20-hour flight come to mind. Leave it to Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince George to prove me wrong, though. The royal family arrived in New Zealand with not a goddamn hair out of place.

On one hand, it makes perfect sense. They're on an official three-week tour through New Zealand and Australia, after all, and it's not like they went through the public airport to get there. A photo opportunity as soon as the plane door opened was expected, and they probably double checked their appearance before they stepped out onto those stairs. On the other hand, no one looks that good after a flight. No one. Except Beyoncé. And Ryan Gosling. But no one else. Life is not a photo shoot.

The amazing New Zealand airport photos of the royal family are just another reason why we wish Kate and co. would adopt us already. Check out these 9 other reasons we wanna be a royals.

You Get to Take Iconic Window Shots

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Just sitting by a window with your husband, your baby, and your dog shouldn’t be a very remarkable family portrait, but Middleton takes something simple and elevates it to runway status. Was the fact that everyone is color-coordinated a happy coincidence or more proof of Middleton’s notorious eye for style? The world may never know.

You Get to Play with Dogs at Work

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There aren’t a lot of jobs out there that give you the opportunity to play with dogs and there are even fewer of those jobs that pay a lot of money. Sure, Middleton’s not exactly getting paid for her appearance here, but she is rich and her “job” does involve such hardships as getting to pal around with this puppy. That kind of luxe just ain’t for us, right Lorde?

Your Candids Will Still Look Amazing

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This is the closest to a candid shot that Kate Middleton is capable of taking. The lighting isn’t the best and neither is her expression and yet it all just flawlessly works. You can’t see so much as a pimple on her face and her eyes caught the flash in a way that made them light up. Who does that? The royal family, apparently.

You Won't Get Jet Lag

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As she arrived at the airport in New Zealand with Prince William and Prince George in tow, Kate Middleton emerged from the plane like a butterfly from a cocoon. You know, unfairly beautiful after a long flight spent caring for a baby. What kind of beverages did they have on that plane? Did it include some sort of royal potion that makes you immune from the physical curse of international flights and time zone changes?

You Get to Shape the Future

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I like to keep a healthy distance between myself and my childhood (including burning photographs from said childhood and refusing to acknowledge any humiliating anecdotes), but if at any point I had gotten to meet a real life princess like Kate Middleton I probably would have fainted. And then woken up, cried, and promised to grow into the kind of person who could meet Kate Middleton without fainting. If we were royalty, we could shape a child’s life just like that.

You Get to Teach Without a License

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All right, so Kate Middleton isn’t officially teaching anything but, to be fair, young people learn just as many lessons from media and pop culture as they do from their teachers and school books. In fact, they’re probably learning more from pop culture. Middleton’s taught an entire generation of people how to dress and that it is actually possible to meet a prince, fall in love, and become a princess outside of a movie. You know, the important life lessons.

You Never Get Caught in the Rain

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You might have shared an umbrella with a friend or a boyfriend, but do you have someone who’s entire job is to hold an umbrella open over your head if it starts to rain? Do you? Because I don’t. Middleton could probably have held her own umbrella in this instance, but I for one am glad she didn’t. Now that I know I can hire someone for that, I have something to aspire to.

You No Longer Have to Smile in Photos

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Prince George appears to be going for The World’s Cutest Pout Award, but that’s no surprise considering who his parents are. He went from being the first person to have their own Wikipedia page before they were even born to basically being an 8-month-old model. Think about it. How many of your baby pictures look this good? Especially the ones where you’re not smiling? I thought so.

You Get to Dress Like, Well, Royalty

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Do I even need to talk about Kate Middleton’s fashion sense? Do I? Because I will. Middleton knows how to put an outfit together and that’s quite an understatement. From floor-length gowns to fancy hats, she dresses like a Disney princess mixed with a supermodel. Gaining access to that wardrobe would be my first act as an adopted duchess.

You Get a Fairytale Romance

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And so did Prince Charming and Snow White live happily ever after. Or maybe Middleton would be more like Cinderella. Whatever Disney princess she best exemplifies, the fact still remains that she and Prince William seem to be, for all intents and purposes, involved in the very definition of a fairy tale romance. It’s like watching what comes after the Happily Ever After but in real time. No wonder they’re one of the most talked about couples.