Poll: Liz Cheney Isn't Fairing Well Against Enzi

This race against Wyoming's incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi may be a little more difficult than Liz Cheney thought — or at least according to one early poll. In a survey released today from Conservative firm Harper Polling, Cheney is getting crushed by the longterm Sen. Enzi. The survey shows that 76 percent of Wyoming's Republicans view Enzi favorably, with Cheney having 45 percent favorability.

But here's what actually matters: If Wyoming's Republican primary were held today, 55 percent of those polled would cast their ballot for Enzi. Cheney would only receive 21 percent of the votes, according to the survey.

If there's good news for Cheney in this it's that the poll was conducted July 17 to 18, at most two days after she announced her run for the Senate. That means there's still a lot of campaigning to do.

This will be a race to watch, though. Check out some Twitter reactions to the survey.