Is 'Mad Men's Megan Still With Don? It's Complicated

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Mad Men's Megan Draper (played by the lovely Jessica Paré) had it pretty rough in Season 6 of Mad Men. (I mean, who could have guessed that being married to serial philanderer and identity hider Don Draper could turn out so poorly so quickly?) Megan suffered a miscarriage, got propositioned by her soap opera co-star, and dealt with her cold mother as she desperately sought out comfort. Oh, and her husband had an affair with her friend/neighbor Sylvia, and slept with his ex-wife Betty, all unbeknownst to her, of course. When we left off with Megan in the Season 6 finale "In Care Of" she dealt with another hardship when, after Don suggested they move to California, she quit her job and prepared to go out west...only to have Don decide to stay behind in New York City.

So how did poor Megan fare in last night's Season 7 Mad Men premiere "Time Zones"? Well, from the look of things... shockingly okay. Not only is she still married to "matinee idol" Don Draper, but she's living in the hills of Los Angeles, has a new color TV, and just landed an acting gig on NBC. Okay, so she has a bi-coastal marriage with a known philanderer (he did, however, turn down Neve Campbell on a plane), she's living in a spooky "castle", and her agent gives her a hard time about her teeth, but by Mad Men standards that's pretty damn good. But hey, if this all goes to hell (which is quite probable), at least she can rock the hell out of a baby powder blue baby doll dress. That is not an easy look to pull off.

Image: AMC