Yes, There is a Live Feed of Kate Middleton's Hospital. Yes, We're Watching.

Here at Bustle, we're getting pretty impatient waiting for the royal baby to arrive, as is pretty much everyone else in the world who's sick of not being able to go on the Internet without seeing 10,000 "IS IT TIME?!" posts. Thankfully for us, we don't have to wait until some tabloid or another breaks the news for real: Reuters has set up a live stream of the street in front of St. Mary's Hospital, the London medical center where Kate Middleton and Prince William's child is expected to be born, so that viewers can be aware of the moment the Dutchess' car arrives.

Yes, I'm serious. There is a live stream of a street, and thousands of people are tuning in. Since we assume you're saner than us and don't want to spend your day watching people walk into buildings, we spent an hour screenshotting some of the highlights:

12:18 PM: A cool-looking black car drives down the street. It hovers at the end of the street, and then turns around, seemingly lost. Poor car.

12:30 PM: What looks to be an ice cream truck drives by. Does England even have ice cream trucks? Must Google.

12:33 PM: The live stream has changed camera views. Lots of people stand outside a news tent-ish thing, looking confused as to why they're there.

12:35 PM: For some unknown reason, the live stream spends six minutes focusing on this random dude, who has no idea he's being watched by every single person in the world.

12:38 PM: An ambulance pulls up, and everyone freaks out. Unfortunately, it's just non-royals who get out, so no one cares.

1:04 PM: The Reuters live-stream ended abruptly, and so we moved onto The Telegraph's. The stream keeps the camera focused on the door to the exclusive maternity wing that is rumored to be the place Kate will give birth. Several people walk in and out, waving at the cameras. This woman takes a picture of the cameras taking a picture of her, before posing with that guy on the stairs like she owns the place. She wins at hospital.

1:15 PM: The camera has not changed from this angle for a long, long time. Has the camera crew gotten bored? Are they distracted? Did the ice cream truck come back? Stay tuned...