Well, Now We Know What Their Kid Would Look Like

by Lia Beck

Hey Arrested Development fans, we have a doozy for your eyes to feast on today. If George Michael Bluth and Maeby Fünke had a kid, we now know exactly what she would look like. Also, she is apparently a time traveler that lived in Spain the 1940s. A Reddit user saw a painting in a Spanish museum and posted a photo of it to the website with the caption, "Found this painting in a museum in Spain, Michael Cera's Doppelganger." The art lover was almost right. As a fellow Reddit user quickly pointed out, the painting more accurately looks like the adult child of Cera's Arrested Development character George Michael and his cousin/love interest Maeby. I guess it could also be Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera's child, but that's a lot less fun.

If you really want to get all Art History 101 up in here, the painting is of Doña Carmen Arconada and is by Spanish painter Ignacio Zuloaga. If you are a passionate Arrested Development fan (or fan of Zuloaga — I know some people came here for the art) and want this creepiness to stare at your from your apartment walls, prints of the painting are available online. If Cera or Shawkat somehow see this, I encourage them to each purchase prints and have them framed for their homes immediately.

Fans on Reddit wasted no time pulling out their fave Arrested Development quotes for the occasion. There's "Les Cousins Dangereux," "I'd be very careful," and the always lovely, "What a fun, sexy time for you."

Now, with no further ado, I present to you Doña Carmen Arconada aka Georgette Michelle Bluth-Fünke. This is basically the old time-y version of "Mommy, What Will I Look Like?"

Just imagine this woman walking around Spain back in the day, completely unaware that she would someday mean so much to fans of a cult television show.

Image: Imgur