9 Ways To Add Color To Your Home Without Any Commitment

Look, I get it. Commitment is scary. What if you wake up tomorrow and change your mind? What do you do then? You are young, you don't want to put all our eggs in one basket just yet. Well, when it comes to something like painting your bedroom or buying that green couch you've fallen in love with, I have good news. You don't have to settle down if you down want to. Here are nine ways to incorporate some color into your home with incredibly little commitment.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

geometric art prints

Hanging a few art prints is one of the easiest (and most temporary) ways to bring color into your life. Etsy has some awesome prints (not a surprise) including this geometric one.

Geometric Art Print, HannahDansie, $25, etsy.com

more geometric art prints

If you are looking for even more color, then this mid century art print is for you. It’s just large enough to add some personality to your living room but still small enough to be taken down and hidden behind the couch if you decide you need to break up.

Art Print from DeltaNova, $34, etsy.com

diy triangle shelves

These adorable and colorful shelves from A Beautiful Mess are a great way to show off your style. You can paint them all sorts of colors or just one.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

diy transparent ice cream art

Your friends will never be able to guess that this ice cream art from A Beautiful Mess was handmade by you. The colors are subtle but still eye catching.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

metallic gold and aqua lamp

I am a big fan of the metallic gold trend that's been popping up lately and this lamp from the Oh Joy for Nod collection is a great way to integrate it into your space.

Oh Joy for Nod lamp, $35, landofnod.com

french bulldog area rug

Society6 recently starting selling area rugs, which means that my paycheck is about to disappear quickly. It is impossible not to love this aqua french bulldog combo.

Bulldog Area Rug by Anne Was Here, $28, society6.com

wall clocks

While you are adding that rug to your shopping cart, throw in one of these clocks too. They're both functional and beautiful.

Various clocks, $30, society6.com

diy confetti table cloth

Now, for you major commitment-phobes. This confetti tablecloth from Oh Happy Day is easy to make and adds just a sprinkle of color to your room.

Image: Oh Happy Day

confetti manicure

If you are too afraid to even commit to a tablecloth then may I suggest this adorable confetti manicure from StudioDIY? You know it’s going to start chipping the day after tomorrow anyway.

Image: Mary Costa Photography for StudioDIY