Russia Threatens Ukraine With Civil War, So Putin Really Isn't Backing Down With This One

As Ukraine pushes back against the Federation's growing presence in the nation, Russia's Foreign Ministry warned Tuesday that any use of force in eastern Ukraine could lead to a civil war. The latest caution comes from Moscow as Kiev acts to regain authority amid demonstrations from pro-Russia protesters. Tensions have been escalating quickly since the annexation of Crimea on March 21, stretching out an international game of hot potato and finger-pointing.

Ukrainian police reclaimed authority over a government building late Monday after demonstrators seized control in three different eastern cities. Officials said they arrested at least 70 protesters they deemed "terrorists."

As expected, the retaliation isn't sitting too well with Russia. The country's Foreign Ministry is raising concerns about increasing crackdowns from Ukrainian authorities and said in a statement, "We are calling for the immediate cessation of any military preparations, which could lead to civil war." It seems it could take any trigger to plunge the two countries into deeper conflict — pro-Russian protesters have already called on President Vladimir Putin to send in the troops.

While Russia continues to threaten Ukraine, the greater international community had their own words for the Federation: NATO warned Russia on Tuesday against making "a historic mistake" by provoking the crisis.

The Ukrainian government pins the blame on Russia, alleging the protests have been planned by Putin, but Russia's Foreign Ministry takes it a step further, claiming Kiev's new leaders are colluding with private American mercenaries from a company called Greystone.

But accusations aren't just flying between the two countries; divisions are making their way into Kiev's parliament as well. The conflict is taking its toll on opposing nationalist and separatist factions who traded punches Tuesday amid a discussion over the recent Russian takeover in eastern cities.

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