Have Sex With A Harvard-Bound Guy AND Get a New Car?

Remember Failure to Launch, that movie where Sarah Jessica Parker was hired by a couple to date their son and get him to move out? How crazy would that've been as a true story? Well folks, now there's pretty similar true story, except in this case the mother is doing it for what she thinks is her son's happiness.

A Philadelphia mom recently posted an ad to Craigslist searching for the perfect girl to take her son's virginity — and he doesn't know anything about it. Her son is "extremely smart but socially awkward," and is "very handsome and extremely fit," according to her post. There must be something wrong with the guy if he's still a virgin at the age of 18, right? Wrong.

The mom hatched up a plan where the chosen girl will pretend to accidentally meet her son at a concert, pick him up, take him home, and then stay with him just long enough to "[show] him different sex positions," before dumping him ("gently") in the fall when he heads off to Harvard.

What's in it for the girl? Um, apparently, a new car, along with the disappearance of all "your financial issues." Basically, she'll be an amateur hooker. Obviously, this is pretty risky both for the chosen lady and the son — who knows who each party could turn out to be?

This overbearing mom seems to have gotten the memo, since the ad has just been taken down. That or she actually got good responses. Even if everything does turn out for the best, how absolutely mortifying for the son. "My contract is over" may be the worst break-up ever.

Top image: Steve Slater on Flickr