Twitter Redesign Looks Familiar... Wait, Facebook, Is That You?

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Well, Twitter seems thinks so, since the new Twitter redesign looks a heck of a lot like Facebook. The social-media site announced the changes on the Twitter blog Tuesday, noting that "moment by moment, your Twitter profile shows the world who you are." (Somewhere, Mark Zuckerberg is squinting at a screen and thinking that his Twitter looks awfully familiar...)

Among the changes, which were tested in February, are a square, left-centered profile photo that overlaps a customizable header photo, followed by basic user information, followers and photos just below it... yup, just like Facebook.

Still, Twitter has maintained its identity (somewhat) by providing a column for tweets and tweets alone. But with this redesign, there's now a way to filter tweets with three options — tweets, tweets with replies, and tweets with photos and/or videos. Other notable changes include a feature to pin one of your tweets to the top of your profile so "it's easy for your followers to see what you're all about," better known as your "status," or a brief bio.

Plus, to indicate engagement on your profile, your top posts will be displayed in larger text.

Twitter says the redesign will be available to select users beginning Tuesday. While all users will have the new site design in just a few weeks time, those of you who simply can't wait can create a new profile to snag the redesign pronto.

In a blog post, Twitter highlighted some of the celebrity users who have the new profile, which include First Lady Michelle Obama, Channing Tatum, Kerry Washington, and Weezer, among others.

It'll be interesting, and possibly hilarious, to see how Twitter followers respond to the redesign, especially those who aren't particularly fond of Facebook.

Image: Twitter