Katy's All Like: Green Hair, Don't Care

by Mallory Schlossberg

Green hair, don't care! Katy Perry debuted her new slime green hair on Instagram in honor of "spring," which we can assume is a code for "a statement." Even though Perry definitely pulls it off — she's gorgeous and can pretty much do anything to her hair and still look awesome — this is definitely a look that's saying something... whatever that something is. Maybe, "broccoli chic?"

Although the new 'do may seem like a spur-of-the-moment decision, this is no sudden act of rebellion. Perry had actually been planning on updating her tresses with this hue. (For the record, her bangs are still black, so it's just a splash of color). She told E! that she planned on dyeing her hair slime green — it was something she had been considering doing for some time — and that she also planned on becoming an art collector. You read that right: an art collector. (I guess that's stamp collecting for famous people?)

Is this some post-Mayer rebellion and image-changing, or is this her version of spring cleaning and rejuvenation? Like, one spring I was all, "I'm going to get bangs and try veganism!" (Bangs — still got 'em, but pass over a whole chicken stuffed with cheese, please.)

Regardless, she definitely makes an assertion of some kind with this new look. No word yet on whether or not she's collected any art.

Image: KatyPerry/Instagram