This 'Neighbors' Trailer Gets Mighty Raunchy

It should probably go without saying that this newest restricted trailer for Neighbors , the comedy starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, and Zac Efron, is NSFW. It starts, for example, with Rogen and Byrne having sex in front of their baby. It escalates into Rogen and Efron having a dildo fight.

A lot of the middle is footage we've already seen for Neighbors' past trailers — raucous paries, fratboy nonsense — but this one really does its best to show off the level of raunch this movie's aiming for. Cause really, what other reason is there for a scene in which Zac Efron shoved a dildo inside Seth Rogen's mouth and Rogen responds with a "WHO HAS THAT BEEN INSIDE?"

Neighbors comes out May 9, and follows the hijinks of marrieds Rogen and Byrne as a large frat house (headed by Efron) moves in next door to them. They call the cops with a noise complaint, the frat house gets mad, and a full-on war of pranks ensues between the two. Oh, and at one point in the trailer Rogen describes Efron as looking like "something a gay guy designed in a laboratory," which is most definitely the "you look like you're photoshopped!" to this film's Crazy Stupid Love.

Image: Universal