'Odd Mom Out' Is the Satire Show We Needed

Here's a show we're excited to see. Author and socialite Jill Karman brings us Odd Mom Out, a scripted satire about the insane world of obscenely rich Upper East Side moms. Bravo has acquired this series, which looks like a great mash-up of RHONY, NYC Prep, and even a dash of Girls — think: the ugly side of a female demographic told from a darkly hilarious vantage point.

The show is based on Kargman's book, Momzillas , which was released in 2007 and was a fictionalized version of her own experience as a transplant who existed amidst the world of the Upper East Side. For those unfamiliar, this tony part of Manhattan is dripping in excess — the stereotype is that moms there are extremely wealthy, overeducated, don't work, and spend all their time either at the gym or doting on their kids (or hiring a nanny). Their kids' schedules are often packed to the brim with activities like soccer and trapeze, and they MUST attend a prestigious nursery school, lest it affect their admission to Princeton 15 years later. Kargman will star in the show and play a version of herself who, similarly to her book's protagonist, goes against the grain of the moms in her neighborhood.

This single-camera series might just be what moms — or women — on television need. We have RHONY, showing us housewives at their worst, and we have moms like Claire in sitcoms like Modern Family, but we don't have a biting satire of the world of motherhood, and this opulent demographic begs to be mocked in a playful way. Girls pinpoints the narcissism of the early 20s. Silicon Valley riffs on San Francisco's tech culture. This new series seems like it has the potential to be a frothy, guilty pleasure, but if it serves up the satire it seems to promise, it could very well be one of the smartest things we see all year. Let's just hope it's better than that Nanny Diaries movie, which took a beloved and hilariously snarky book and, despite a hilariously evil Laura Linney, couldn't quite live up to the book's bite.

Kargman is an accomplished author who has penned he Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund, Arm Candy and The Rock Star in Seat 3A, and also co-wrote the script for the film Intern (2000). It's always great to see a writer step up to the camera and act in a role she's written — a double threat!

Bravo has yet to announce a premiere date or how many episodes will be ordered for the first season, but I do know I will be watching.