7 Ways to Wear a Crop Top Without Looking Ridiculous

Crop tops are like skinny jeans — no matter how much some of us wish they'd go away in exchange for something less body conscious, they are very much still around. Not only are crop tops a spring and summer staple, they'll be around for fall this year, too. But just because they end far above your belly button doesn't mean you have to show off your midsection in order to wear the trend. You actually can style a crop top without revealing too much skin. Here are 7 easy and flattering ways to wear one.


Balance out the sexiness of a crop top with another big trend of 2014: wide legged pants. The flowy silhouette of a pair of wide-leg trousers will offset any body-hugging crop top.

Image: WeWoreWhat/Instagram


If you’re going to pair a crop top with a skirt, make sure it’s a high-waisted one, like this long pencil skirt on Jamie Chung. It’ll add a touch of elegance, while still looking sexy.

Image: JamieJChung/Instagram


Much like wide-legged pants, slouchy boyfriend jeans are the perfect compliment to a revealing crop top.

Image: TheNativeFox/Instagram


To make a crop top look more formal and elegant, pair it with a floor-length skirt in the same color to create a monotone ensemble.

Image: erynmcl


High-waisted distressed shorts and crop tops are a match made in heaven, especially in the spring and summer months. But if you’re not comfortable exposing that much skin, opt for a crop top with sleeves.

Image: SongofStyle


To distract from your midriff, pair your crop top with a pair of playful, patterned pants.

Image: LeBlogDeBetty/Instagram


Another great way to cover up most of your midsection? Wearing a pair of overalls on top of a crop top.

Image: Rima_Rama/Instagram