In Other News: July 19, 2013

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Though Governor Rick Scott said it's a no-go, Florida's senate said it will consider overthrowing "stand your ground" laws entirely.

You might have heard of the infamous Boston Strangler of the 1960s: though Albert DeSalvo once confessed, he retracted, and was never convicted. Now, DNA taken from his long-dead body has been found on the body of his last reported victim, proving once and for all that justice will be served. At some point.

Millions of dollars' worth artwork, including paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Monet and Gauguin, have been apparently burned. After the mother of the alleged thief found the stolen works, she apparently feared that they'd be found...and so she reportedly burnt the lot. Mommmm. So embarrassing.

An Afghanistan veteran surprised his family by emerging, sea-monster-like, from the water they were playing in. Except he got a much better reception than a sea monster would.

Can you get all the effects of hitting the gym by taking a pill? Researchers in Florida are trying to develop a drug that does just that.

For years, experts have been more back and forth than a tennis game about whether vitamins are necessary — or even useful. The Atlantic launches a once-and-for-all investigation.

Clueless turns 18 today. To celebrate, you can fulfill your teenage dream by playing dress-up with Cher. Like in that opening closet scene!

A different Barbie's popularity is flagging, and has been for some time. Apparently, Barbie can't compare to her newer, shinier, more sociable competition, according to The Week . It's almost like people can't relate to her anymore...

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Can't imagine why.

Speaking of things that should have died a long time ago... Neopets are still living and thriving amongst an interesting group of twentysomethings. Some of their Neopets are teenagers themselves. And they say our generation can't commit.

And that's not even the most awkward thing to happen today. No, that's this...

A conservative Christian leader informed a group of youths that church-going Christians "know how to have sex much better than you guys," not to mention have "more orgasmic, more enjoyable, more frequent” sex. Praise Jesus!

Speaking of Jesus camp, our childhood camp experience predicts what kind of adult we'll eventually become, according to Slate. Figure out what camp (geddit?) you fall into here.

Who said print is dead? Vogue just celebrated its second biggest issue of all time, proving that, for Anna Wintour, industry crises are never in season.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe Disney villains (think Scar, Jafar and Ursula) should think about applying to Vogue. Let's face it, you've gotta get past all that angst and villainy at some point in your life. Here's a collection of Disney villains' resumés:

The Simpsons and Family Guy are planning a crossover. Spoiler: "Stewie develops an obsession with Bart, while Peter and Homer have a debate over who has the better beer (Pawtucket vs. Duff)."

A four-year-old found a pot-filled pipe inside his Burger King Kids Meal. Really.

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And finally, watch Snoop Dog teach Larry King to rap. He might be high. It's actually kind of brilliant.

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