What's Your City's Most Popular Starbucks Drink?

by Allie Healy

If you were a Starbucks beverage, what would you be? An eggnog latte? A frappuccino? Nevermind you, what about your hometown? Analysts from the coffee behemoth looked at data to determine the most popular Starbucks drink in various U.S. cities, and the results are in.

Quartz reported that the analysts compiled hundreds of millions of customer transactions across the country in order to gather the data. The results: the most popular drinks were brewed coffee and lattes. Groundbreaking stuff, right? Quartz continued to report that if we looked exclusively at data regarding volume, every region, state, and city would have the same exact top preferences, with regular coffee as the top contender and lattes trailing behind in second.

What's more interesting is that the country can be halved along a "hot-cold axis" — the states that ordered more cold beverages than hot beverages were Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and southern California. This allowed the country's southern half to be divided based on their temperature preferences. Despite this, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia still preferred hot beverages.

Having interned in New York City, I can say that a Pike was definitely a favorite. And no wonder people are sleepless in Seattle! They take their coffee with an extra shot of espresso. Sorry, Portland, but I'm judging you. Why on earth would you favorite the eggnog latte? Don't mind if I stick to straight up iced coffee. Looks like I should move to Boston.

Image: Quartz