17 Things Only Women With Bangs Understand

by Allie Healy

So you have bangs. Good for you girl! You're a fringed female who took that leap of faith one fateful day in the hairdresser's chair. You wanted to try something new — or you just wanted to cover up your large forehead (that would be me). But let's face it, having bangs is no easy task.

Sure, you may get the occasional compliment when your bangs decide to cooperate. But most of the time, it's an endless struggle. Your sans-bangs friends get to let their locks air-dry with ease, while you sit there looking like a sad, wet dog.

It's going to be OK, my side-swept sister. It's worth it. Plus, there are some things only we women with bangs can understand.

Any wind is the potential enemy

Fans are also not to be trusted.

If you're brunette with blue eyes, you're immediately compared to Zooey Deschanel.

I mean, I'll take it!

Your bangs seem to grow out, like, right after you cut them...

...And you can never seem to trim them on your own.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could just snip them yourself? Sigh.

You have to deal with that awkward in-between stage when you decide you want to switch to side-swept

And no matter how many times you go to get them trimmed, your hairdresser screws up and cuts them a little too short

It's an acquired look. An unsuspected disaster look, that is.

Still, you have fun coming up with different hairstyles that incorporate your bangs.

Dressing up for '90s night is easy, because you already look like Kelli Kapowski.

Plus, did you notice how those bangs add a sense of mystery to your look?

Come and get it, attractive humans.

There is always that one hair out of place. What is its deal?

Forget good hair days — nothing feels as satisfying as a good bang day.

Compliment me, damn it! This is a rare occasion.

Some days you are absolutely convinced you're going to grow them out...

...But then a former bang lady approaches you and expresses her regret

Once a quitter, always a quitter.

When a downpour happens, you know it's a lost cause

So long, pin-straight bangs. See you until I find a blowdryer. And a flat iron. And hairspray. Ugh.

And sometimes, when you pull back your bangs, you realize you haven't groomed your eyebrows in two weeks

But one night, when you go out with your friends, a very attractive person compliments you on those bangs

And you're all

And suddenly, it's all worth it.