This Couple Made a Movie Trailer for Their Wedding

Coming this summer to a church in San Francisco: Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz's wedding. The "boss" couple (as they call themselves) released this save the date video to wedding guests, and boy is it insane.

The trailer-like video begins by introducing Jentz, who coyly swipes hot pink gloss across her lips and buckles her sky-high sparkly stilettos as close camera shots pan her über-feminine wedding day ensemble. Then, Obaro comes into sight, boarding a helicopter that flies over the sparkling city of San Fran. Once he lands, a glossy black BMW is waiting for his use. What happens after is a lengthy montage filled with glitter, glamour, and extravagance — a definite (if tacky) tip of the hat to Jay Gatsby.

According to the closing slide, Obaro and Jentz are to tie the knot in July. Their wedding, surprisingly enough, is only rated PG-13. After this spectacle, you would think no children under 18 years old would be allowed to attend.

As joyous of an occasion as weddings are, this video is a little too much for my taste. But if you're an Californian looking to epitomize Paris Hilton, this is your kind of gig! Either way, this video is a definite game changer for all engaged couples to come.

Consider yourself served, lovebirds.

Image: Major Diamond Productions