If Jewel Replaces Christina Aguilera on 'The Voice', It Would Be the Best Decision Ever

Who will sa-a-a-a-a-a-ve her so-oul when Jewel replaces Christina Aguilera on The Voice ? The country singer has expressed interest in taking Xtina's spot if she indeed leaves, and the show has also expressed interest in her. As it is, Christina has been sitting out for two seasons and Shakira has been filling her spot, and that's not the only shake up.

Usher and his raccoon hat have been sitting in Cee Lo Green's spot, and Pharrell Williams was recently announced to officially replace Cee Lo in Season 7 (the show announced that they were #happy about this on Twitter), so another shake-up ala Jewel taking over for Christina would indeed fit the bill, specifically if Christina chooses to leave considering her pregnancy.

Jewel — who has already worked on a talent competition (and with Blake Shleton, who she'd get to work with again!), said:

Of course I would love to do that show. I don’t have any specific plans on doing the show but I would, of course, love to do it.

And hey, Jewel know's what's up. She's from a generation of female vocalists that played guitar barefoot and cry-whispered the emotional points of songs, rather than power-belting the bejeezus out of them. She's from an era that's before Christina's time, when female singers headed to Lilith Fair, not the arenas.

This is a woman who has done a lot in her sprawling and rather long career. Let's look at some of her accomplishments — and some of her missteps. You were meant for The Voice, Jewel. And they... were meant for... you.

1. She Was A Hitmaker Of The '90s

Look no further than this nostalgic song from her album, Pieces of You. Warning: this will get stuck in your head all day.

James Spisak on YouTube

2. She Yodels.

Will The Voice feature yodeling now?!

rayzarz on YouTube

3. She's also is a poet.

Remember A Night Without Armour ? Oh, you forgot about it? Well... maybe this was not the pinnacle of her career. (Fun fact: I own the school edition that I bought in middle school from Scholastic's Book Club! The word "breasts" was removed from a poem. You know how it goes with middle schoolers.)

4. Every time you shave your legs, you think about her.

Andredebeer7 on YouTube

Or you did back in 2003, when her commercial for Schik's Intuition and her song, "Intuition," were ubiquitous. Some touted this as her moment of selling out. I touted this as the moment that I realized that I needed better lighting in my shower if I wanted to get all of the stubble off of my legs.

5. And she once sang a song about Walmart.

Walmart on YouTube

Whoops. Misstep. This was originally the "The Supermarket Song" from her children's album, The Merry Goes 'Round, which was otherwise a critical success.

6. And this song will always make us cry.

Well, it will make me cry always because apparently I belong in the tearjerking '90s.

Jewel Kilcher on YouTube

The early parts of Jewel's career indicate she indeed knows how to make a hit, and she's an old soul compared to the current coaches, and hey... if The Voice wants her, she'll take it. Christina, you surely exhibit vocal prowess, and you make me nostalgic for the early 2000s (despite your new music), but I might be ready for a Jewelaissance.