Zimmerman Can Buy A New Gun In Florida

In Florida, George Zimmerman can't have the Kel Tec 9 pistol that he killed Trayvon Martin with back: plans to return the gun were put on hold after the Department of Justice announced a new investigation to determine whether Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin's civil rights.

However, he could go out and buy a new one.

On the same day President Obama gave moving remarks on the Zimmerman verdict, Sanford Police spokesman James McAuliffe told ABC news, "I do not believe there is" any legal reason Zimmerman would not be able to purchase another gun in Florida.

Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's defense attorney, said that Zimmerman needs the weapon "even more" than before.

"I think that he feels truly in his heart that if he did not have that weapon that night he might not be here.... [He] would have continued to get beat even though he was screaming for help," O'Mara told ABC News last week.