We Asked It: Are You Less Likely to Be Friends With a Sexually Promiscuous Woman?

According to new research from Cornell University, women avoid being friends with female peers who have a high number of sexual partners. Do girls really shun the sexually promiscuous? We canvased a few ladies out on McGill's campus. [Image: Bustle Stock Photo]

"I don't believe we could connect"

“I believe that she would have a different personality. You have to connect with the person. And say, intellectually, I don’t believe that we could connect. It may be judgmental but that’s what I believe. I don’t think its helping the women’s cause.” –Natalie, 20 [Image: Bustle]

"That doesn't matter"

“I would be equally inclined to be friends with a girl who’s sexually promiscuous.” –Gaishika, 20 [Image: Bustle]

"It's the woman's own decision"

“I’ve realized the stigma around being ‘promiscuous’ and being very sexually active. There’s nothing wrong with women doing whatever they want with their bodies, using sex in whatever way that they feel comfortable with, and I don’t think anyone can make judgments about that. It’s completely the woman’s own decision.” –Jacqueline, 22 [Image: Bustle]

"Not my business"

“I don’t think it really matters. People can make their own choices.” –Francesca, 21 “It’s not my business.” –Joanna, 21 [Image: Bustle]

"It doesn't impact my decision"

“I think that it doesn’t really impact my decision in choosing a friend. There are lots of other qualities I look for in a friendship that aren’t promiscuity-related.” –Jillian, 21 [Image: Bustle]