This 'Scandal' Season 3 Spoiler Features Another Impassioned Speech From Jake — VIDEO

In the upcoming episode of Scandal, Olivia Pope pissed off some very powerful people by making some very big decisions. This was nothing new, obviously — it's pretty par for the course for the series, and on top of it, Olivia's also dealing with figuring out where among the top tier of Washington her allegiances really lie. Lying, cheating, murder; it's rather hard to keep track. This clip from this week's Scandal gives us another peak into that process, though. Namely, it shows us Jake berating Olivia about the trustworthiness of her father, Rowan.

There are certain things you know you're going to get from a Shonda Rhimes show: Lengthy speeches, endless repetition of key words in those speeches, tears, drama, etc. There are also certain things you know you're going to get in this season of Scandal: Olivia adrift and unsure who she can trust, people trying to forcibly tell her who she can trust by screaming in her face at close distances, very lengthy monologues about the State of the Republic, and/or the morality of murder, and/or the wishy-washiness of her ethics — the list goes on.

This clip seems to fit in pretty well with all of the above. As such it's not exactly brimming with newness — but as the season finale nears, we can probably expect some big twists and turns. Maybe one or two will be related to what Jake's saying here.

Image: ABC