When That 'Entourage' Movie Is Coming Out & 5 Things We Already Know About It

The boys are back — well, almost. The cast of HBO's Entourage will make an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday to hand out a Generation Award to series creator, Mark Wahlberg. Which, if you're into that, is probably making you wonder when the long-awaited, highly anticipated Entourage movie is coming out. Well, we've got good news and bad news: The good news is that filming for the film wrapped in March and, thanks to social media, we know a lot about what's going to happen. The bad news is that you're going to have to wait another year, until June 12, 2015, for the bro-tastic bro-gasm of bromance to hit theaters.

If you've been following any of the guys from Entourage (guilty as charged) on Instagram, you've probably seen a handful of photos of them on set with a handful of famous guest stars. And plenty of photos reminding us what Entourage is all about: hot girls in bikinis. As if you could forget that part. So while you're waiting a painfully long time for the feature-length continuation of Mark Wahlberg's semi-autobiographical HBO series, here are a few things we've deduced from the cast's social media posts.

Vince Didn't Get Married

Grenier posted this photo to Instagram in March with this caption: "I'm always a bit anxious to work with someone new for the first time. Will they be good? Will we have chemistry? But after working with @emrata I am comforted by her natural ease and pointed talent. And yes, I do believe we have chemistry. Welcome to the family. #entouragemovie" All that talk about chemistry has to mean that Vince is doing something romantic here, right? If Emily Ratajkowski was just a random cameo, we doubt he'd make it seem so serious.

Bob Saget Is Back

I mean, this speaks for itself. But if there's anything we're going to go see the Entourage movie for now: it's foul-mouthed Bob Saget.

There Will Be No Shortage Of Girls In Bikinis

This is Entourage, people. It's been a few years, but boys will be boys and if their names are Vince, Drama, Turtle, E, and Ari, they'll be that way with a bunch of bikini-clad women.

Or Supermodel Cameos

Again — VINCE TOTALLY DIDN'T GET MARRIED. This isn't a photo of onscreen action, but if Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal is involved in this movie, we'd put our money on Vince hitting on her at one point or another. Also, it's good to know that some things never change — it's been three years and Entourage still loves supermodels.

There Won't Be A Three-Year Flash Forward

In early March on-set photos revealed the Emmauelle Chriqui had returned to reprise his role as E's fiancé and baby-momma Sloan. And they confirmed something huge — Sloan is still pregnant in this film. So, here's something we know for sure: there is no three-year time jump, the film is going to pick up right where the series left off. Which is good (if you hate time jumps, which I 100 percent do) and bad, if you were hoping for more mature versions of the series' characters. (As if.) But here's a silver lining: we're getting an Entourage baby.

And now that we're in the spirit of things.

Images: HBO, AdrianGrenier/Instagram JerryCFerrara/Instagram, DougEllin/Instagram, NinaAgdal/Instagram, DougEllin/Instagram, Giphy